Bills Out of Committee Shed Light on Bipartisan Legislation

This week wrapped up with a number of bills being passed through committee and headed to the House to be voted on. A total of 213 bills were passed in committee this week favoring the supermajority party.

Overall, a total of 489 bills have passed out of committee: 434 Democrat bills and 55 Republican bills.

We need to focus on solutions to important state issues rather than creating solutions to problems that simply do not exist. Too often we see bills being passed that have zero impact on our communities, or they have a negative impact. Bipartisan legislation helps strengthen the State of Illinois, but Republicans continue to be shut-out from meetings that would be proactive in serving the people with transparency and truth.

Legislation Republicans have put forth would improve public safety, restore student’s literacy, improve our economy, support women & families, and protect at-risk kids. We believe that logical public policy is the driving force of success for families and businesses throughout Illinois. The lack of action from the other side of the isle to improve public policy is sobering.

Illinois residents deserve transparency and as legislators, it’s our job to provide them with just that. Republicans continue to be ignored and stonewalled when requesting meetings resulting in partisan decisions being made behind closed doors. That’s not how the General Assembly should conduct business and it certainly obstructs Republicans from serving the truth to the general public.

Public Safety Remains a Priority for Rep. Coffey