Rep. Coffey on IDOT’s Multi-Year Highway Improvement Plan

The Illinois transportation system represents an enormous investment to the state of Illinois. The preservation and expansion of infrastructure across the state is a high priority. IDOT is committed to improving the safety of all transportation systems with a Multi-Year Highway Improvement Plan. This plan ensures that Illinois residents, businesses, and visitors are provided with transportation systems that are safe, accessible, and sustainable.

The 95th District will receive close to $300 million dollars over the next six years for infrastructure improvements by the IDOT Multi-Year Improvement Plan.

Sangamon County-Approximately $300 million dollars

  • I-55/: $125 million for additional lanes, reconstruction, bridge repairs, bridge widening and other repairs

              $18 million for resurfacing and bridge deck overlay

             $68 million for I-55 business/sixth street reconstruction, additional lanes and sidewalks

  • Illinois 97/125: $79 million for additional lanes, bridge repairs and a pedestrian overpass
  • MacArther Blvd: $20 million for reconstruction, traffic signal replacement, ADA improvements, and other repairs

Christian County- Approximately $11 million dollars

  • Illinois 48: $11 million for resurfacing, ADA and drainage improvements

Macon County- Approximately $41 million dollars

  • I-72: $25 million for resurfacing, ramp repairs, and other repairs
  • Old U.S. 51 Business: $15 million for resurfacing and ADA improvements

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“IDOT’s Multi-Year Highway Improvement Plan is a sensational boost for the 95th District. These are great paying union jobs that will circulate money into our economy and make our roads and bridges safer for our citizens.”

Rep. coffey

Rep. Coffey backs bills to cut taxes: