Coffey backs bills to cut taxes

It seems that certain politicians forget that the money they are spending comes directly from the wallets of Illinois families.

You work hard for your money, live within your means and have every right to expect government to do the same. Instead, decades of reckless spending and borrowing has created record debt in Illinois. Failures to address inefficiencies in government agencies has led to overblown budgets. And, while you would expect more money in agency budgets would mean better services, in Illinois that has not been the case.

The result is higher taxes for everyone.

I haven’t forgotten that the state budget is funded by taxpayers which is why I’m backing legislation that keeps Illinois families at the top of mind when it comes to taxes. With days left in the legislative session, I hope the House of Representatives will take up these bills that would mean lower taxes for Illinois families:

  • HB 3195 – Repeals the death tax
  • HB 2592 – Eliminates sales tax on motor fuel
  • HB 3169 – Returns surplus taxes to taxpayers
  • HR 130 – Stops the graduated income tax
  • HR 24 – Continues exemption of taxes on retirement income
  • HB 2986 – Limits state budget growth

Government works best when it values citizen input. If you’ve had enough of reckless spending and high taxes, please sign our petition and let your voice be heard.