Rep. Coffey Discusses Important Legislation He Filed

Since I have been a State Representative, I have seen many pieces of legislation pass through the General Assembly. I’ve seen both good and bad legislation become law in Illinois. I know many bills that have been signed into law have a direct impact on taxpayers and communities. Being State Representative for the 95th District, I believe it’s my duty to work for my constituents and bring forth meaningful legislation that improves the quality of life for everyone in Illinois. I take into account the impact a bill will have on taxpayers before I file it with the clerk. I also speak with stakeholders and community leaders for their insight on the effect of policies and how specific legislation would impact residents and businesses alike. I filed legislation this year I believe to be pivotal to the State of Illinois and I want you to know I’m working hard to be your voice at the Capitol.

Legislation Filed by Representative Mike Coffey

HB4734: EPA-Zero Emissions Extension

I filed HB4734 to extend deadlines for reduced or zero carbon dioxide emissions by 10 years. After I toured the Kincaid coal-fired power plant, which is expected to close down by 2027, I knew Illinois was in trouble. My conversations with leaders from Vistra, a Texas-based company who owns the plant, were pretty alarming. As of now, Illinois’ statewide goal is to be 100% clean energy by 2050. The only problem with this goal is that wind and solar currently generate a fraction of the energy produced by coal-fired power plants. Coal and natural gas make up 80% of the power for Illinois. I would like to see coal-fired power plants continue operations until our state can guarantee that our energy is reliable and affordable moving forward with solar and wind plants. If we can’t meet energy demands while phasing out coal, Illinois residents will eventually surrender to black and brownouts. This issue must be addressed with real solutions, or the state of Illinois will be importing energy at a higher cost from other states.

HB4735: General Assembly Hours of Operation

I filed HB4735 to provide Illinois residents with full transparency from legislators in the state house. This bill would require the Illinois House of Representatives and the Illinois Senate, and their respective committees, to conduct business only during the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Passing a massive budget at 3:00 a.m. while everyone is asleep only causes people to lose trust in their government, and rightfully so. The notion of backroom partisan conversations and waiting until the last minute to present a multi- billion dollar budget is not how government should work for its people. There is no reason why session days can’t begin at 8:00 a.m. rather than 3:00 p.m. The wasted time is unreal. Republicans are ready to work, however, most days we are waiting for Democrats to wrap-up their one-sided meetings before we actually start debating bills. I believe this is a good bill and it would provide full transparency on bills filed, debates, and voting record for the general public.

HB4733: Scholarships for Children of Veterans

I filed HB4733 to expand honorary scholarships to children of veterans who served at any time during the invasion of Panama between December 20, 1989 and January 31, 1990.


“I believe the sacrifices made by our military and their families can never be fully repaid. However, adding the children of those who served during Operation Just Cause to be eligible for scholarships is one small way we can repay them for their sacrifices.”

HR0691: USPS Springfield Processing and Distribution Center Closure

I filed HR0691 to urge Postmaster General Louis DeJoy to reconsider closing the Springfield Regional Processing and Distribution Center. In March of 2024, the United States Postal Service (USPS) announced a network consolidation plan that will directly impact the Springfield USPS Distribution Center. According to the USPS, 58 processing and distribution centers in smaller communities would be converted to local mail processing centers.

Currently, there is a proposal to redirect Springfield’s packages and unprocessed mail to the St. Louis, Missouri processing and distribution center. If this proposal was established, it would have negative consequences for Springfield and communities across the state of Illinois.

We must do more to protect workers in Illinois because our communities rely on their services and I’m confident an alternative solution can be found that would benefit the USPS operations and residents alike. I don’t want to see unintended consequences arise from an issue we failed to address to the best of our abilities.”

HR0594: Amends House Rules

I filed HR0594 to expand transparency within the General Assembly. I believe there is too many one-sided bills that get called while Republican bills sit on the table. Representatives should have the right to have their bills called for a vote, and HR0594 would designate up to (5) bills for each member to be recognized. This action would help bipartisan legislation be debated on the record, which would be good for an honest body of government. Illinois residents deserve transparency from their legislators and allowing for a more balanced General Assembly would gain more trust from the general public.

Working For The People

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