Rep. Coffey Responds to Election Omnibus Bill Passed


Springfield, IL…Yesterday, House Democrats once again showed their disdain for transparency by filing an election omnibus bill that was then quickly rushed through committee and sent to the House floor for a vote. With no time to analyze the bill, Republicans stood united and voted “present” on the bill to draw attention to the corrupt tactics used by the majority party. State Representative Mike Coffey (R-Springfield) reacted to the complete lack of transparency and motive behind SB2412.

“The General Assembly has a legislative process and what we saw yesterday from the majority party is a direct rebuttal of democracy in Illinois,” said Rep. Coffey. “This attempt to suppress Republicans from slating candidates for the November election is a clear reflection of the values from everyone who voted yes on this last-minute bill.”

SB2412 is on full display touting the depths to which Democrats will go to hold their political power. In addition, adding non-binding questions on ballots, such as property tax relief, is an insult. House Republicans have filed several pieces of legislation that would immediately lower property taxes in Illinois.

HB1074: Allows for a property tax freeze for senior citizens.

HB4716: Any change resulting from reassessment in the general assessment year shall not exceed 3% of the assessed value of the property for the prior year.

HB3538: Allows veterans to apply for the homestead exemptions for veterans with disabilities before the veteran purchases the property.

HB4354: Reduces the burden on homeowners by ruling no taxing district may increase a property tax bill more than 5% of the base amount.

These bills are supported by Representative Coffey and offer real solutions to reducing property taxes with full transparency. Unlike the majority party, Republicans are offering transparent and ethical legislation to the people of Illinois with no hidden gimmicks. 

House Republicans Stand United