Coffey wins House passage of scholarship bill for children of veterans

State Representative Mike Coffey won House passage of his bill to include children of Operation Just Cause veterans on the list of those eligible for scholarships at the University of Illinois.

House Bill 4733 expands eligibility for honorary scholarships at the University of Illinois to the children of veterans who served at any time during the invasion of Panama between December 20, 1989, and January 31, 1990. These children would join the sons and daughters of veterans who served during conflicts dating back to World War II in having eligibility for the scholarships.

“I believe the sacrifices made by our military and their families can never be fully repaid,” said Coffey. “However, adding the children of those who served during Operation Just Cause to be eligible for scholarships is one small way we can repay them for their sacrifices.”

House Bill 4733 passed the House of Representatives unanimously and is now headed to the Senate for consideration.

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