Rep. Coffey Sees Two More House Bills Pass

This week has been busy at the Capitol with bills starting to move through the General Assembly. Although I would like to see more Republican bills called to be voted on, we have made some progress that includes two more bills I sponsored being passed unanimously.

I believe these two bills are important and I’m happy to see them passed in the House. Human trafficking is a very real problem across Illinois and HB5465 protects trafficking victims. HB5128 strengthens the Emergency Telephone System Board.

HB5465: Human Trafficking Victim (Passed 113-0)

Provides that a trafficking victim may petition for vacation and expungement or immediate sealing of his or her juvenile court records and juvenile law enforcement records relating to events that resulted in the victim’s adjudication of delinquency for an offense if committed by an adult would be a violation of the criminal laws occurring before the victim’s 18th birthday upon the completion of his or her juvenile court sentence if his or her participation in the underlying offense was a result (rather than a direct result) of human trafficking.

HB5128: Emergency Telephone System Act (Passed 110-0)

Provides that elected officials, including county Sheriffs and members of a county board are also eligible to serve on an Emergency Telephone System Board.

State Rep. Mike Coffey files House Resolution 691