SAFE-T Act Quickly Crippling County Budgets

When the SAFE-T Act was passed last year, proponents hailed the new law as a mile-stone achievement. They argued that mandating a cash bail for committing a crime was unfair to those who have trouble obtaining the funds to be released until their court date. The idea behind this law was to release all criminals from jail for free, unless courts deem individuals a threat to society.

The problem with this strategy to reduce crime is that it’s costing appellate courts a lot more money and they are seeing a massive increase in criminal cases; many of these cases are repeat offenders. The idea of letting criminals walk free has made a negative impact on our court systems which is one factor pointing to how this law is flawed.

According to Chief Justice Mary Jane Theis, between 2014 and 2023 the total number of appeals of bail orders was 171. Five months after the SAFE-T Act was passed, that number escalated to 2,003. The courts are certainly not adequately positioned to handle the requirements of this law. Now, the Supreme Court has created a task force that proposed expanding additional office space, judges, and staff. This proposal comes with a hefty price tag of about $570 million.

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