Rep. Coffey Files Legislation to Improve Professional Licensure


Springfield, IL…The professional licensure system has been a major issue for professionals who need a professional license to work in Illinois. The state has failed to implement new systems to speed-up the process. State Representative Mike Coffey (R-Springfield) knows the impact this has on workers and economic growth.

“The fact that our state is allowing industry professionals to wait months before they can obtain a license to work is clearly a sign of failure,” said Rep. Coffey. “Illinois is a leader in healthcare professionals and the current system is having a direct impact on our frontline workers who help keep us safe.”

Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) is currently running an outdated licensing software system from the 1990s. During Veto session, HB2394 was passed to require IDFPR to identify and implement a software solution. There are no sound solutions that have improved the process for applicants.

Rep. Coffey continued to express his frustration by saying this:

“We have incredible people seeking professional careers in Illinois, but waiting months to obtain their license to work is depriving them from earning a paycheck. The result of poor policy is driving workers to other states and creates a barrier for economic growth. I filed legislation in support of our professional workers in Illinois.”

HB5006: Professional license fee for renewal of a license issued by IDFPR shall be no higher than necessary to equalize the per annum renewal application fee with the per annum initial license fee at the time of renewal.

HB5007: Creates a Licensure Reform Task Force within IDFPR. The task force is responsible for submitting a report to the G.A. and Governor. The Task Force shall submit a report after every 2 quarterly meetings. With the report including:

• licensing delays

• licensing costs

• continuing education mandates

• timelines for the department to issue licenses

• the number of applicants for each license

• the number of renewal applicants

• other topics determined to be necessary by the Task Force


House Republicans Take Action

House Minority Leader Tony McCombie held a press conference this week to discuss the ongoing issues at the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation. She discussed the House Republican legislative package to provide solutions.

Below is the bill package House Republicans revealed this week:

Lowering Barriers and Costs for Licensure

  • HB 4855 (McCombie) Requires DFPR to accept online payment
  • HB 5147, HB 5148 (Davidsmeyer), HB 5006 (Coffey) Lowers licensure

License Reciprocity and Expedited Licensure

  • HB 4988 (Spain) Nurse Licensure Compact
  • HB 5608 (Jacobs) Universal Recognition of Licenses Act to streamline
    out-of-state licensees
  • HB 1572 (Hauter) Expedited licensure for health care professionals
  • HB 4617 (Davidsmeyer) Reciprocity and online education for
  • HB 4570 (Severin) Streamline teaching requirements for cosmetologists
    and barbers

Learning More About Licensing

  • HB 5007 (Coffey) Creates the Licensure Reform Task Force to gather
    facts on licensure delays and costs
  • HB 3437 (Hauter) Creates a Task Force to determine if prescribing
    psychologists’ scope can be expanded while maintaining safety for