Emerging Women Leaders Event in Springfield

Yesterday, Republican members welcomed guests from across Illinois to the Emerging Women Leaders Event in Springfield. This was a great day filled with learning and networking opportunities for women who are growing in their positions as leaders. I was honored to have Kayla Piehl join this special event and to be recognized as an outstanding leader for the 95th District.

Yesterday was Emerging Women Leaders Day at the Capitol to recognize women leaders across Illinois who are making a difference in communities. I was honored to have Kayla Piehl join this event to be recognized for her leadership!

She has done an outstanding job as the Chief Budget Officer for the Village of Chatham.

Kayla Piehl | State Representative Mike Coffey | Mayor Misty Buscher

These Women Leaders Enjoyed Brunch Prior To Their Eventful Day!

Women To Watch

My colleagues and I embrace women leaders across Illinois and we support their efforts to make a difference throughout each district.

Emerging Women Leaders

Thank you Kayla for your continued commitment to the Village of Chatham and leading by example for all the extraordinary women in Illinois.

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