Rep. Coffey’s Commitment to the 95th District

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When I took office a year ago, my priority was to help lead Illinois families to a brighter future and my commitment is to do just that. I realize we have many uphill battles and issues facing our state. Working families are struggling to pay their bills, put food on the table, and pay their electric bills. I want to pledge to my constituents that I will always be your voice at the Capitol and stand for what is right. I’m not going to sit back and watch special interest projects absorb hard-working taxpayer money. We need to fight for commonsense legislation and I will always vote for what makes a positive difference in our communities.

Standing For Commonsense Legislation

There’s good legislation and bad legislation. The General Assembly certainly has its fair share of legislation that impacts the 95th District and Illinois. We are feeling the brunt of poor public policy created by the majority party; however, me and my colleagues have filed commonsense legislation that benefits all Illinois residents. The fight for freedom never stops. I will fulfill my oath to represent the 95th District with policies that create economic growth, lower taxes, and public safety.

“One of the main issues I hear from constituents in the 95th District is that high taxes are a constant weight on their shoulders. Illinois residents deserve tax relief and legislators can get it done. My commitment is prioritizing tax relief to Illinois residents”

Rep. Mike Coffey

House Republican Priorities

  • Holding the majority party accountable to spending
  • No New Taxes – Illinois voters rejected a graduated income tax in 2020. We need to provide meaningful tax relief to Illinois residents.
  • Tackling the State’s $141 billion pension debt
  • Fixing state agency mismanagement and disfunction
  • Meeting our prior fiscal obligations
  • Real Ethics Reform – Instill action in the majority party to work with Republicans on meaningful ethics reform proposals.
  • Properly funding education via the evidence-based model
  • Prioritizing state services for Illinois citizens

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