Rep. Coffey Disappointed by Governor’s Budget Address


Springfield, IL…Governor Pritzker addressed the State of Illinois on the largest proposed budget in state history. State Representative Mike Coffey (R-Springfield) is disappointed that Illinois residents will be receiving $1 billion in new taxes.

“Illinois’ business model is to use taxpayer money like an ATM and it’s driving people out of the state,” said Rep. Coffey. “Lowering taxes on hard-working residents raises disposable income and allows consumers to spend more, which is great for economic growth.”

The Governor proposed a budget of $52.7 billion which is $2 billion more than last year. He applauded this proposal despite the state facing a $775 million deficit for FY25.

As of now, Illinois has spent $1.6 billion on healthcare benefits for non-citizens while single moms are working full-time jobs and struggling to pay for quality healthcare.

Coffey continued: “One of the main issues I hear from constituents in the 95th District is that high taxes are a constant weight on their shoulders. Illinois residents deserve tax relief and legislators can get it done. I’ll be prioritizing tax relief to Illinois residents as session continues.”



It’s time to put Illinois families first, NOT the special interests!

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