Illinois Sheriffs Refuse to Enforce Gun Ban


Springfield, IL…As the Illinois gun ban continues to be rattled by lawsuits, more law-abiding citizens and sheriffs are taking a stand against the new law. State Representative Mike Coffey (R-Springfield) agrees with Sangamon County Sherriff Jack Cambell’s opposition to the law due to adherence to the constitution and the ineffectiveness of the law.

“The gun ban is nothing more than legislation passed for political gain and influence,” said Rep. Coffey. “Our Second Amendment protects law-abiding citizens from government overreach, and I believe the gun ban does not make Illinois any safer. It simply takes away Constitutional rights from legal firearm owners while criminals are running the streets with illegal guns.”

Many sheriffs across Illinois have vowed to not arrest anyone who refuses to register their firearm, ammunition, or attachments to the Illinois State Police. Sangamon County Sheriff Jack Cambell issued the following statement:

“We disagree constitutionally with this law, and we don’t know how it will make Illinois safer,” Campbell said. “Our plan moving forward is to use discretion and to educate the people as to what the law says.”

Campbell said he’s waiting for the legality of the law to be determined by the U.S. Supreme Court before enforcing it.

“The general public is confused just as much as local sheriffs are,” Coffey continued to say.
“I think it speaks volume when you have sheriffs across Illinois say they will not enforce this law on legal gun owners.”