The Gun Ban Registration Still Lacks Clarity for General Public

The Illinois gun ban is officially in effect. Owners of specific firearms, magazines, and ammunition are required to register them with the Illinois State Police (ISP). I’m concerned for constituents who have limited information about this law and how it affects them.

This law has been passed and JCAR has failed to adopt permanent rules for the general public. I think the gun ban was passed without any thought into how it would actually be enforced, and that’s not how legislation should be passed.

HB5471 bans the sales, delivery, and purchase of specific firearms in Illinois. It also bans specific attachments, magazines, and firing devices. This new controversial law has been the hot topic during ISP committee meetings. The public continues to voice their concerns and confusion, plus, Second Amendment advocates believe this law violates the constitution.

The ISP is struggling to understand the depth of clarity from this gun ban and whether or not citizens are deemed criminals. We need permanent rules from JCAR because as of now, people are wondering if they will be fined or charged with a crime under this law.

For the time being, please see refer to this information from the ISP:

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