Rep. Coffey Tours St. Patrick Catholic School to see the impact of the “Invest in Kids Program”

St. Patrick Catholic School


Springfield, IL… State Representative Mike Coffey (R-Springfield) toured St. Patrick’s Catholic School today to see why the Invest in Kids Act is a vital asset to our communities. His visit advocates for early education and helping low-income students succeed in their school programs.

“I was honored to visit St. Patrick’s Catholic School today and gained insight from students and staff about the positive impact of the Invest in Kids Scholarship program,” Rep. Coffey stated. “These kids are given a special opportunity to excel in school and it’s a blessing for so many families in the 95th District and throughout Illinois.”

St. Patrick Catholic School embraces students from all races, creeds, and religions with small class sizes in grades Pre-K to grade five. Their mission is to focus on rigorous academic curriculums that set students up for present and future success.  

Invest in Kids is a state-backed scholarship program for children, including those at-risk and from disadvantaged households, to participate in private-sector schooling. It is the only school choice program in Illinois and was not included in the last budget. Legislators will discuss if funding will be restored during Veto session which begins again November 7th.

“Our children’s future in education is crucial for the communities and this program is suited for disadvantaged households,” Rep Coffey continued to say. “Funding this state-backed scholarship program reflects the direction of Illinois education for students who don’t want to be left behind.”


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