Invest in Kids Act Supported by Rep. Coffey

Springfield, IL…Earlier this week, Christ the King Grade School hosted a Save Our Scholarship Rally. Students and families spoke about the importance of the Invest in Kids Act. State Representative Mike Coffey (R-Springfield) supports the scholarship program that helps low-income students receive private education and shared his thoughts:

“I fully support the Invest in Kids Act and believe this program needs to be secured by legislators. It’s very important to our communities that we provide outstanding programs, such as this one, that creates a foundation for a prosperous future in education.” Rep. Coffey stated. “The 95th District has some of the best public and private schools in the state, some parts of the state can’t say the same. I firmly believe it is important to allow families to decide where their children should go without thinking twice.”

The Invest in Kids Scholarship Tax Credit Program was enacted in 2017. This program offers a 75 percent income tax credit to individuals and businesses that contribute to qualified Scholarship Granting Organizations (SGOs). With high praise, the Invest in Kids program provides scholarships to families of low-income and provides students with quality education through community support. This Legislation has helped 9,000 students excel in early education.

As of now, this superb program is set to expire the end of this year, unless the General Assembly acts and restores funding to extend this program. Constituents can sign a petition to let local lawmakers know they are oppose to phasing out the Invest in Kids Act.