Cash Bail Ends Sept. 18th and Rep. Coffey Responds

Springfield, IL… Cash bail ends September 18th and will be the last day the State of Illinois requires criminals to post bail for a crime they committed. State Representative Mike Coffey (R-Springfield) is very concerned about the repercussions that will occur and is supporting law enforcement through this transition. Rep. Coffey had this to say:

“Legislators on the other side of the aisle refused to engage with local law enforcement about their concerns over eliminating cash bail,” said Rep. Coffey. “Apparently, public safety is not as important as a political agenda that favors criminals. Policies like this create detrimental effects that will impact the safety of families across the state.”

The SAFE-T Act, which includes the elimination of cash bail has been nationwide news. The controversial law is aimed at reducing crime in Illinois; however, multiple legislators, law enforcement sheriffs, and the public share growing concerns over public safety. According to local sheriffs, they expect to see a rise in crime rates, officers losing morale, and more corporations not pressing charges, to name a few red flags.

Families across Illinois will be on edge even more after September 18th. The cuffs have been taken off the criminals and placed on those who are supposed to protect us.