Rep. Coffey Hosts Public Safety Roundtable with Local Law Enforcement Officials

I proudly stand with our law enforcement.

Springfield, Illinois –  State Representative Mike Coffey (R-Springfield) invited top local law enforcement officials to have an open dialog about legislation that will protect families in the 95th District and across the State of Illinois.

“Every family in our district and throughout our state deserves to feel safe in their homes and in their community,” Rep. Coffey said. “Increasing crime is a very real concern in our region. With the almost-daily news about dangerous crimes affecting everyday citizens in Illinois, we are hearing from local constituents that we need to make real changes in Springfield.”

The SAFE-T Act was passed in the waning moments of a lame duck session of the General Assembly with no substantial input from the experts who protect the public. Understanding that the motivation to reform some elements of our law enforcement system was well-intended, the SAFE-T Act overreached, and there are several rounds of trailer bills to pull the legislation back to something more reasonable and workable.

“Hearing from our local law enforcement experts is the best path forward to understanding the real-world impact of legislative initiatives,” Rep. Coffey stated. “I hosted a Public Safety Roundtable to get direct feedback from the folks who protect us. Our discussion included legislation put forth by the House Republican Working Group (Truth in Public Safety – TIPS) and any new proposals law enforcement could bring to the table that would make their jobs easier and keep the public safer.”

Rep. Coffey’s invitees included local police chiefs, sheriffs, and their staff.