Rep. Coffey Co-Sponsored Bill that Lowers the Price of Insulin

Rep. Coffey addresses the need of reducing the price of insulin

The price of insulin has been a financial burden to Illinois families, which is why lawmakers made it a priority to reduce the cost of insulin for diabetics. A new law co-sponsored by State Representative Mike Coffey (R-Springfield) has been signed that will cap the price of insulin to $35 a month. This action will make the prescription drug more affordable and accessible to individuals that need it to stay alive and healthy.

This law provides a discount program that allows at-risk diabetics to purchase insulin for just $35 a month. Several individuals struggle to afford insulin, so this law will certainly help families across the state. Participants of this program will receive a card from the state about how pharmacies will apply the discount. Also, the state will provide information on how to request reimbursement from health insurance companies. HB 2189 will officially go into effect starting in 2025 and will ensure that all families have access to urgent needs of insulin.

“This bill will provide relief to individuals who are diabetic and rely on insulin to maintain their health,” said. Rep. Coffey. “Families across Illinois will benefit from this low cost medication that improves an individual’s quality of life.”


Furthermore, a similar law will also go in effect in 2025 that will cap the cost of a EpiPens. HB 3639 protects vulnerable families who suffer from high risk diabetes. Many people often experience life threatening reactions to certain allergies or foods and by using an EpiPen, it alone could save a person’s life. This law will ensure that a twin-pack of medically necessary epinephrine injectors will not exceed the price of $60.