Rep. Coffey Reacts to Supreme Court Ruling on SAFE-T ACT

Today the Illinois Supreme Court ruled that abolishing cash bail for criminals is constitutional. This dangerous action does not make residents safer, in fact, it will instill fear throughout the communities across the state. The so-called “SAFE-T” Act was rushed through the General Assembly and signed into law with terrible flaws. Despite being amended multiple times, this law has done nothing to reduce violent crimes.

This approach to criminal justice reform does not provide communities with protection from violent criminals. We must continue to fight for law enforcement and stand behind them as they are sworn into a position to keep our communities safe.

Illinois is the first state in the nation to proudly abolish the cash bail system, which has one of the highest murder rates. The Democrat-Stacked Illinois Supreme Court decision to allow this provision to be deemed constitutional has an effect on every resident in the state.

Illinois families deserve the right to bear arms, to be protected by law enforcement, and to feel safe in their communities. House Republicans have created and launched a Public Safety Working Group to fight back against this progressive agenda. We will fight for our freedoms and stand with those who embrace the laws that protect our families and communities.