Illinois Free Fishing Days from June 16-19. Start Planning Your Trip

Save the dates! Illinois is offering Free Fishing Days from June 16th through the 19th. Illinois anglers can fish without a license during this time, coinciding with the Father’s Day weekend. It’s a great opportunity to introduce children, grandchildren, friends, and others to the fun and adventure of fishing. During this celebration of free fishing, anglers can fish without having to purchase a fishing license. Illinois has plenty of lakes and ponds to choose from, so start planning your fishing trip.

The Fishing Life

Fishing is a hobby for some, and for others it’s a lifestyle. A life of relaxing on the water, catching the “big one”, and creating memories makes fishing memorable. Further, it’s one the most popular outdoor activities in the United States. Recreational fishing is a good social activity and gives you the opportunity to enjoy nature. Everyone needs time to relax, and getting outdoors is a way to unplug from daily distractions. Plus, it’s a great learning experience for kids.

Benefits of Fishing

Did you know there is health benefits from fishing? When fully immersed in the moment, your mind becomes clear and it allows you to slow down. The state of concentration is calming, therapeutic, and great for your mental health. By spending time on the water, it allows you to reconnect with nature and appreciate all that it has to offer.

New to Fishing Tips

If you’re new to fishing, this is a great way to enjoy the outdoors on the water and learn the basics. You need to know about rods and reels, fishing lines, baits, and tools. Learning all the tricks to fishing takes time, but that certainly doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and create memories while learning. Being together with friends and family on the water, is always a good day. Lastly, here is a guide that provides you with everything you need to start fishing for the Free Fishing Days.

Fishing Guide: