Legacy of the fallen

Memorial Day is the day we honor the fallen who answered the call to serve their country and sacrificed their lives in the defense of Liberty. They died in wars fought on our own soil and across the oceans.

We should fill this day with thoughts of the legacy left by those who died protecting our freedoms and the lives we lead now, made possible by their sacrifice. 

Their legacies include preserving our nation, freeing the oppressed, defeating dictators and despots, fighting for Democracy and eliminating terrorism.

Brave men and women died for us. They fell on the blood-soaked grounds of Gettysburg, in the mud and trenches of Europe, in the waters of Pearl Harbor and on the beaches of Normandy. They perished in the battlefields of Korea, the jungles of Vietnam, the sands of Iraq, the waters of the Persian Gulf and the mountains of Afghanistan.

They answered the call throughout our history. And, though the enemy may change and the venue may vary, war remains the same…brave men and women will fall. 

Through their deaths a lasting legacy is left for us, for our children, their children and for generations to follow.

That is why each year, on Memorial Day, we honor the memory of those who lost their lives to preserve ours and the legacy they left for all of us. Their sacrifice was not made in vain and their deaths will not be forgotten.