The First Steps in the Process

Bills in the Illinois House of Representative are beginning to make their way through the legislative process. All legislation filed by lawmakers must first undergo the scrutiny of the House Rules committee who ultimately decide if the bill will be assigned to a House standing committee.

Once assigned to a standing committee, the committee chairperson determines if the legislation will receive a public hearing. Only if the bill receives a hearing and passes out of committee will it move to the House Floor to be considered by the entirety of the House of Representatives. 

My Bills

I am the chief sponsor of four bills that have been referred to the Rules Committee for consideration. I am hopeful they will be assigned to a standing committee in the coming weeks.

HB 2268 extends the time for which an individual with a disability ages out of state services from age 21 to 22.

HB 3195 eases the financial burden on families when a death occurs.

HB 3196 creates the Seat of Government Commission to serve as a line of communication to foster better cooperation between the State and local officials in the seat of government.

HB 3219 establishes a division of Downstate Economic Development within the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity to focus on the unique needs of areas outside of major urban areas. 

My Committees

I am honored to serve on six House committees that soon will begin hearing testimony on legislation dealing with issues important to our District and to people from across the state. I serve on the following committees:

  1. The Appropriation Public Safety Committee will review the Governor’s budget for the state’s public safety programs and is responsible for appropriating funds.
  2. The Cybersecurity, Data Analytics & IT Committee will address legislation protecting individuals from growing cyber threats.
  3. The Housing Committee takes up issues related to landlords, tenants, affordable housing and other housing matters.
  4. The Public Utilities Committee hears legislation concerning nuclear power, alternate sources of electricity, natural gas, wastewater management and other utility issues.
  5. The State Government Committee addresses any topic related to state government, including jobs, properties and services.
  6. The Veterans Affairs Committee ensures veterans in our state receive the benefits they have earned and the high quality of services they deserve. 

It is my honor to serve you in the state’s Capitol and will represent you in the legislation I file on your behalf, committee deliberations and in casting my votes on the House Floor.