Celebrating the life of Abraham Lincoln

Credit: Civil war photographs, 1861-1865, Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division. Reference prints are in the PRES FILE: Lincoln, Meserve no. 97

Those traveling to Illinois’ capital city often make it a point to visit the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, the Lincoln Home National Historic Site or Lincoln’s Tomb. Abraham Lincoln spent a big part of his adult life in Springfield and he represented the area in the state legislature and in Congress. His children were born here, the only home he ever owned is here, just down the street from his law office and the Capitol building where he gave one of his most famous speeches. Abraham Lincoln was shaped by his time in Illinois, just as his leadership shaped Illinois and the entire country. 

Today we celebrate the life and achievements of one the greatest Presidents in U.S. history. Abraham Lincoln’s leadership, wisdom, and will to overcome the many hardships he faced throughout his life serve as an inspiration to all – but especially to his fellow Illinoisans. Happy Birthday to President Abraham Lincoln!